1. Get License key

       a. Login to howmanyextension.com and click Download

       b. Copy your license key from the Download screen

       c. Find the link to download the app in the app store on the Download screen

2. Paste License key into settings screen

3. Click Save in the top right of the screen

4. In ANY app, select an asin by holding down on it. This is just like what you would do if you were selecting something to copy.

5. Now click Share…


 After clicking 'share' click the More button to the far right

6. We now need to turn on the How Many extension for iOS

7. Now you may see a screen like this:


8. Turn it on by tapping the switch. The switch will turn green to indicate it was turned on and activated


9. You can also hold down on the three horizontal lines to re-position the order of the icon and how it shows up.


10. Click Done

11. Now the How Many Icon Shows up in the Bottom Row


Now you are all set up to use the app extension.